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Treasure Valley Lions

The Treasure Valley 
Rodeo Queens 


Senior Queen
Makayla Tamburrino
Teen Queen
Destiny Pattee
Mini Queen
Amelia Dyer

About our Royalty

Our Rodeo Queens are Ambassadors of our Meridian Lions PRCA Rodeo and our local Meridian Lions. They help with local projects such as Rake Up Meridian, Hunger prevention, and Youth Development.  They are educated and can speak about our Envision Services including free eye exams, glasses, and hearing aids. Envision services also include Cornea harvesting to provide Corneas and restore eyesight locally, nationally, and internationally. These ladies also learn about the PRCA rules and regulations and contestant standings. During their year they refine and advance their public speaking, modeling, makeup, and attire to become skilled public relations representatives. They travel throughout our state and often choose to travel and represent at out of state events such as the Pendleton Roundup in Oregon or the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many decide to continue their queening journey and compete for advanced titles such as Miss Rodeo Idaho and progress to compete for the Miss Rodeo America title. But whether or not they pursue a queening path, college, a job or career path; they develop great interviewing skills and image presentation. They pass these skills onto other youth during and after their time with the Meridian Lions Rodeo and the Meridian Lions.

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